Saturday, January 26, 2013

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January 26, 2013

last year as every year my wife asks Me ( as she always does ) what I wanted for Christmas. As always I told her I wasn't sure. then it hit me, I should ask for a tablet. But which? iPad? Transformer? maybe a tablet PC? In My quest for The perfect tablet I found the Galaxy Note 10.1. I asked for this, as it has a pen And pressure Sensitive Surface Screen. I thought to my seIf what a cool toy. My wife on the other hand thought it othrwise.

This is why I have Started this project. my tablet has come with strings, in Order to Keep my tablet l Must create sketches everyday. The first few days where tough. But As I have worked daily every new day are more enjoyable to use this tablet.

I want to share These works with You all. Any comments or suggestions Are welcome.I hope this will inspire others to do creative projects.I'm exiled to see how much my personal work will improve,


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